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That words mean different things to different people, and one who claims that historians are the only ones who can make other uses of the pines for some very normal forms of order and control. Have you not figured out that pop psychologists also influence the words that everyone uses?

To me, crime thinc are reactionaries because they feel much more concerned with calling out Donald trump than addressing problems with their own essays and praxis. They are clinging to certain mind sets, and dont really care about the fact their project is stagnating and smelling terrible.

I overall have found that people who STRONGLY cling to this idea that they are anarchists tend to show the same level of ignorance as American conservatives, but generally are not as foolish and politically successful since they tend to be a little more open minded.

It's funny how accepted it is that fascist has a broad definition...but somehow because a standard dictionary doesn't support my views of other people, well its not legitimate. Need we have another shitty discussion about how identity doesn't really exist, and the right and left aren't that different? That's certainly one I'm tired of pointing.

But dont worry, Biden or Kamala will be president, so therefore crimethinc will eventually change the content of their essays.