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sure, words often have fluid meanings attached to them. but look dipshit, in a forum like this, which is supposed to be about anarchism, it's only the wisest option to use terms that are maximally descriptive rather than vague and jargony. in the realm of political theory, reactionary means exactly what was outlined above: it's an ideology that is opposed to Progress (of whatever flavor, with whatever level of actual threat to the status quo it may or may not pose according to you, the subjective definer), not an ideology that is opposed to introspection and self-critique. your use of the term to apply to your analysis of Crimestink is simply incorrect in a context of political theory. it might be more relevant among pop psychologists if that's the kind of crowd you prefer to keep company with, but who the fuck cares? @news isn't a site for pop psychologists.
your issue with Crimestink is that they are reactive, their writings and interventions following after some political outrage. that's a problem that's plagued them for years -- activism. activists are always reactive and that's definitely a huge problem. you're not the first to point it out, but you might be the first to point it out with your own problem, that of political literacy.
as i said before, read a better book