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I pay any attention to pop psychologists is really funny, I actually got that perspective from using anarchist news and comparing/contrasting what I read with modern right reactionaries, their conversational tactics are the same. Use words as emotional fire for people who agree with you, irritate your opponents with fuzzy generalizations.

For example, "only pop psychologists use it that way" obviously implies that if I use it that way, then i need to serve pop anarchism a little better. I'm only supposed use reactionary in reference to the right.

Over the past couple years, I've been pretty sympathetic to the left/anarchist cries against trumpian white nationalist style fascism, but when you observe how the political battles play out, it becomes clear there's a ton of LARPING going on, and we haven't really learned a whole lot about what the implications of right wing behavior actually are, and I do really want to know how the American right is going to continuing damaging other people and itself.

Crime thinc points out right wing politics have gotten more radical, but leftists and centrist Democrats have known this for many years this is totally not a new thing, and the reason crime thinc points this out is for click value. I learned more about the people who rioted against the Capitol building from talking to Democrats and visiting info wars. It just appears that the US is going to continue torturing people, not surprising...

But anyways...thanks for taking a moment to level with me, even if I don't like your line of argument. It helps not to use vague words, perhaps I'm not creative enough to be of use to people who more thoroughly oppose the state.