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Some of you still don't seem to get how a lot of the people who voted for Biden/Kamala weren't fans of them. The goal was to take out of office a dangerously unstable, retarded narcissist who's been empowering American neofascism while pushing more executions than ever, among other niceties. There's not many ways to overthrow a US admin outside of a by-the-book election process, but if you have a better idea in mind plz let us know!

The value of stability or reaching balance is something not to underestimate when it comes to mainstream politics, especially for such a dangerous country with dozens of nuke plants, hundreds of nuke silos and also JUST SO YOU KNOW, and also with such equally dangerous enemies like China and Russia. If you want to abolish mainstream politics, you'd better start taking that into consideration. Taking over D.C. is not like taking over Rome... there can be devastating, irreversible consequences for everyone who isn't people like Xi or Bill Gates.

Instead, work of building local free autonomy deprived of same old congenital CHUD feudal politics, so maybe even in the outcome of a mass-scale tragedy, you might have a chance to prevail.