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That's what I've reading from this leftist fearmongering retardation. There is nothing the Trump admn had done that on the whole is an existential threat to everyone(specific people is a different story). He's balances out to be just another shitty leviathan prez unless you're some liberal leftist moron who has a phantom fear of non existent fascism.

Trump did give a boost to right wing populism and that comes with its own problems relative to presidents before him, but, again, there is nothing existentially dangerous about is presidency relative to others that came before him. He's not as bad as Bush 43 and is in the Obama ball part of badness(worse domestically but not so much foreign policy wise). He desecrated the office which is great from my standpoint.

I agree with autonomy and anarchy, part of that is not caring too much about who is president and who votes for president.