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This very clever Statist script, like giant "god cop bad cop" routine, but with left cop right cop, or left activist right activist, left voter right voter, like great big Disney mickeymouse yoyo, up down up down over and over, left right left right, entertainment for the dumb hordes, still working sheep in the script, disney movie about dumb Muhrican family torn apart by capitalist right cattle baron with arrogant son (elvis) meets poor polyglot idpol girl whose family are losers but there's a dumb brawl in the couthouse (congress) girl declares she is pregnant to elvis guy, he sings sickening sentimental bourgeois song about melting hearts and the whole town peasants barons drunks thieves all dance down the street in clean expensive clothes fade out to distant blue mountains with snow on top which is actually the massacre site of an entire native tribe but no one mentions that and the only native in the whole movie is the wooden indian outside barber shop. Typical happy ending to bullshit lying narrative!