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"What are your favorite disagreements about anarchy, perhaps some you'd like to see more discussion about?"

Discussions around anti-civ, it still seems marginal, and most mainstream anarchists (ancoms, anarcho-liberals) avoid it like the plague, aside from name-calling and fash-jacketing.

"Which disagreements about anarchy annoy you the most? Which do you think are crucial to settle once and for all?"

Any argument that seeks to make exceptions for any form of authority or obedience, any form of government or any concessions to government.

"Which would you prefer people to agree to disagree?"

About pro/con markets, communes, and other such micro-managing of how people should or shouldn't live or interact. As long as truly free, voluntary, circumstantial arrangements brought out of choices as to how best deal with situation and live your anarchy.

"Which are the disagreements about anarchy that you're fed up with and can't stand to listen anarchists bicker about any more?"

I can't stand any form of techno-euphoria, fortunately I stay clear of that as well as anyone arguing about how Spanish civil war or Krondstat or whatever should've gone, as well as ATR nonsense. I stay clear of non-violence and pacifism as well.

"Which terminology and slogans do you prefer and which do you avoid?"

I see there is dispute over the terms hierarchy, power, force, violence, coercion, authority, domination, submission, oppression. Of these the one I avoid because I find unhelpful is "violence", prefer to say the specific thing in question rather than the obfuscating all-encompassing moral judgement category. "Abuse", for example, though generic is more specific than "violence", murdering, hurting, harming, polluting etc. are more specific.

"Which strategies and tactics, or which approaches to daily life, do you prefer and which do you avoid?"

I avoid most of everything by default before accounting for anarchy, after accounting for anarchy I see that there are many possibilities for things to try if and whenever I feel like it. I'd still avoid most activism, assemblies, fronts, organizations, marches, riots, guerrillas. Just a personal choice, not a norm I'd put forth.

"How does your own unique idiosyncrasies about anarchy shape your daily life as an anarchist and how does it differ from that of other anarchists who disagree with you?"

I think most anarchists' life are shaped more by the built environment, the economy and political regime, and the information technology (computer and internet) and all of mass culture rather any unique or personal vision and notion of anarchy. I wish it weren't so. So we differ in how much we enjoy the status quo or not depending on how much we'd like to see change. Some want worker control of mines and workplaces, while others want to end mines and workplaces, etc.

This doesn't exhaust the topic, but it exhausted my desire to type at the moment so I'll stop here for now.