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It's a fact that most of the idiots who stormed the capitol are either neofascists or Qanon. It's on their fucking flags and tattoos. Like this Qanon "Shaman" meathead has got a sonnenrad and a walknut on his torso, adding to his costume, he's another of those "neopagan" neonazis.

What is certain is how they were useful idiots in the service of a narcissist who won't be supporting them when they served years in prison. I can almost feel a level of pity for some of them, just like I'll feel pity for anyone who gets fooled for years in some retarded narratives, or by the lottery, or something. A lot of the protesters were also off-duty cops and some Christian fanatics.

That's why any cheerleading at J6 as an uprising is super-cringeworthy, at best. And yes, this has been happening in parallel and continuity with racist hate crimes. These are national jihadists we're dealing with.

"If the temper tantrum was entirely permitted, then how do you explaind the State seeming to take it as a serious threat, for example in their planning for Jan 20th?"

Because "the State" is not one united entity!? Coz there's several factions, regardless of the party? Neolib politics 101?

I'm still against the idea anarchists should directly counter-protest on J20, for how it can turn against all of them in the US. There's far better ways to not just protest but fight this new level of totalitarian rule taking place, and it's got way more to do with the technocracy that's really in charge. The House is just a bunch of people rubber-stamping their commands.

There's a golden contextual opportunity here for US anarchists... It might not last for very long. Just too bad that the IGD types most likely won't see it, as they're stuck with the consensus reality binaries created by social media and its new elite.