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Did I write anything anywhere that reads like I'm denying systematic racism?

Correction: I do see "color"... just not the racial categorizations INHERITED FROM THE VERY SAME IMPERIALIST SLAVE SYSTEM that you seem to be against, that I'm equally against. This slave system is the source of the systemic racism.

And this systemic racism is (in my own words) when a bunch of guys of the same racial identity (often due to being part of a same consanguineous family circle, like, you know, royal and aristocratic families) set up a control grid to maintain their racial privilege and exclude different others from it, so to keep profiting from their labor, among other things.

Or according to Cambridge dictionary:

"policies and practices that exist throughout a whole society or organization, and that result in and support a continued unfair advantage to some people and unfair or harmful treatment of others based on race"

Yet let's recognize that we aren't in the '50s-'60s North America. The lines aren't drawn the exact same way. The system that was previously based on stiff, hardcore systemic racism (like when Canada used to have a law forbidding non-White immigrants) has subsided to more inclusive, (neo)liberal elitist powers, like with Chinese or Arabic capitalism, or with aspects of the corporate world being less "White" (the Toronto financial district's general demographics definitely aren't *purely* White, today).

What I understood from @critic's comment is how neoliberalism, due to its imperative of globalization of capital (and workforce), has allowed for a LEVEL of ethnic "neutrality", with people from different backgrounds like from China, the Indian subcontinent, the Arab world, will get in the game and become billionaires as well. Like are Dubai or Shanghai White-dominated centers of capitalist power? Not really.

The liberal view of it would tell me "well, they got the right to be a counter-power, right?". As far as capitalism goes, yes of course. But what'd be the view of a radically anticap here? Back to the real-estate example, I obviously don't care about non-White people going into this awful business, speculating on gentrification, developments and becoming landlords. I despise the system of it, BASED ON LAND PROPERTY SCHEMES.

Regardless, it's certain that the trendiest sectors of big business are vastly White dominated. Hence my frequent finger-pointing at the big tech feudalists, as along with top-tier finance capitalists, this is where you'll find the most cohesive White (and non-color-blind) power. So, yes, a level of systematic racism was maintained. It just ain't as straightforward as back in the Fordist era.

The world is shades of... brown.

It is above that dominated by gang/herd/tribe politics. You know I oppose these politics. I support the best I can individuals that seek grow through the cracks in the pavement.