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that depends on what your desires, priorities, capabilities, etc are. i bailed on urban life 20+ years ago (after 40 years living in the belly of the beast), found some undesirable land to squat on, figured out how to catch and store rainwater, obtain minimal electricity from the sun, build a solid structure, cut firewood, grow food and medicine, etc. i happened to find a place where the state is very minimally present. i've not made more than $600 in a month (as little as $0), which qualifies as rather poor in the u.s. the only think lacking is more folks to share aspects of a relatively free life with. which i readily accept as a slam dunk tradeoff for not having to deal with the horrors (to me at this point) of urban life. fortunately i am not a creature starved for shallow social interaction.

utopia does not exist. the goal is to create a life that you do not need a vacation from. love the city? live in it. love the solitude and space of rural living? live it.