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Plenty of White meth head guys in the streets nowadays. Now they're forced to be into night prisons (shelters) due to curfews. Feel free to go tell them about their "White skin privilege" and have fun with that.

Like I and someone else here has been saying, socio-economic privilege ain't limited to skin color. Which isn't saying that systemic racism was erased in '68, but that socio-economic privilege has somewhat grown beyond ethnicity, and it's still in flux. I'll repeat again that I'm not denying systemic White racism is still a thing. Especially a unassumed thing. Like White liberal petty bourgie fucks ganging up exclusively between people of same characteristics.

Tho there's also such a thing as status-based prejudice and exclusion between White people, and it's been around for as long as capitalism exists, and it is somehow historically related to actual racism, as the aristocrats used to perceive lower-classes as racial inferior to them, same as women used to be perceived (and still are by some guys) as inferior to White men. And you know these patterns are perpetuating.

I'm the one of the few here who's been often living in non-White dominated neighborhoods of a city due to the trendy gentrified neighborhoods vastly dominated by White petty bourgeois liberal hipsters that were just too damn expensive, exclusive, and led by these judgmental ID pols herd politics thinly-hiding their trustfundie higher caste contempt for everyone down the ladder. But I was fine with that! Being from a somewhat lower-middle-class fam that I consider "poor", I grew up in multi-ethnic poor neighborhoods with buddies with different skin complexions, and this is first place where I learned why racism is just abysmal absurdity. But then there's nothing intelligent or rational with a system; you can't argue with it. It is a conspiracy that we support, don't support, or fight against. Speaking of which... I can afford to brag about having done crazy shit in the dark for opposing the spread of (informally) White-exclusive suburbs. In some cases it worked, but of course that wasn't enough.

- White skin privileged guy