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An Operetta

A multilingual, cross-genre songs collage of theatre montage mounted by two lost souls resurrected for our time.

“In a time when 'leaders' are morons and crooks, a book-den resurrects a conspiracy theory.”

The lost souls of Peter Kropotkin and Emma Goldman had a chanced rendezvous in the island of Formosa, looking for a premises for a book den that they dreamt of. It is in fact a camouflage of an info-centre for radical ideas and exchange of implemented deeds of more than just narratives. The collection and archive of global visages of possible sabotages to the present wholly inflammacy of dogmatic domination. The broken chips of humanity remains waiting for an co-exit to somewhere. Between songs, bodily movements, bread and drinks, stories and memoirs, monologues and dialogues, the surreal situationalist jump-cuts of visiting friends and strangers, the unwritten theatre explores the open and participatory essence of freedom. A living theatre of unknown dramatic revolt and the poetry physical.

The Song List
Living on Earth | Shendaren | Occupy | the Useless-er | Bella Ciao | a las Barricadas | Lament for the Moon and Stars | Between Heaven and Earth | Seeds of Freedom
Open Your Eyes | Mama, I wanna come home | Universal Soldier

Performances | January 23, 2021 14:30 / January 27, 19:30
Venue|Witch Store (No. 7, Lane 56, Section 3, Xinsheng South Road, Daan District, Taipei City)