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One of my early worries in this pandemic was that US pharmaceutical corporations would price any vaccine as high as possible. They could literally make a killing by selling scarce vaccine to the rich at $1,000 a dose, hell probably $10,000 for the first month or two. Would not do much to stop the pandemic but would line their pockets in a big way.

I say this as somone who will take the vaccine without regard for risk as I combine a genetic lung condition with a total inabiity to tolerate confinement, to the point that I spent 7 weeks on the road as a refugee from stay-at-home orders that in my home state the governor beat his chest about jailing people for violating. I cannot distinguish stay at home compliance from house arrest, and in fact had to think long and hard about whether it was even appropriate for me to continue in this world if measures I literally cannot live with were the only way to control a mass threat to everyone else.

I am not employed and have no health insurance, so if Big Pharms wanted to charge $1K for a dose of vaccine I would be excluded. As for vaccine risks, I do not consider any possible adverse reaction to be worse than a live, full-power infection combining a quarantine requirement with a 20-50% change the virus gets me anyway.

That being so, I got a flu shot this past year for the first time in five years. A harmless but unpleasant week of "fake flue" fluish symptoms but with no cough and no bronchitis resulted from a 2015 flu shot, so I didn't consider that a reasonable risk to avoid only the flu.

With the danger of mistaking flu for covid(and its quarantines) now on the table, this calculation changed and I got the flu shot without regard for the 2015 reaction. Got a pleasant surprise, only 3 hours of mild symptom this time around, but I feel it was the right choice no matter what. If I am going to stay in the world without the ability to stay at home when the virus is out of control, than I feel obligated to use all other possible defenses without regard to any risk to myself stemming from their use.