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The overwhelming majority of the people “working on, administering and receiving the vaccine” are simply following orders and doing what they’re told without question. They have no incentive to question anything. I mean why the fuck would they? All they want is a fat paycheck and a clean conscience like everyone else. Why complicate that for themselves? If they say anything they know they’d be labelled a kook and fired, or voted out or whatever, which, in fact, has already happened to plenty of doctors and public officials who stuck their necks out and dared to question the narrative.

This recently happened again when Robert Taber, a member of the conservative caucus in Ontario, stepped out of line to question the Premier’s curfew and other draconian measures. He was quickly shitcanned and got made an example of. So, understand that most of these people just wanna keep their head down, focus on what’s right in front of them and defer automatically to authority figures who also have no clear notion of what’s happening and are themselves also deferring to authority figures. For reference, see the Milgram experiment.

Further, they are all part of a massively compartmentalized undertaking in which no one single person or group of persons can grasp the totality of what’s going on. For reference, consider the Manhattan Project, in which thousands and thousands of brilliant people were involved in what they understood as some sprawling and vaguely defined “public energy project”.

None of them understood that what they were ultimately building was, in fact: the atomic death machine.

Can you grasp that?

Further still, they (just like you) have been trained and emotionally manipulated by the mainstream media to equate any and all dissidence with Qanon/MAGA/conspiracytheorists/etc. And we haven’t even touched upon the now unparalleled power of big tech to censor all dissident opinions and happenings. Fact is: you don’t know what you don’t know. All you know, is that you don’t want to risk getting labelled a [Qanon/MAGA/wtv] and get cancelled by your shitty liberal friends.

Of all people, anarchists need to stop falling for the logical fallacy of “appealing to authority”, i.e: automatically discounting someones opinion because of what some “expert” says. It’s a garbage argument. Fact is: either my position is right or my position is wrong. If it’s wrong, then the onus is on you to explain Why, rather than deferring automatically to the Appeal to Authority like some fucking dumbass lemming piece of shit. It’s very depressing to watch so many anarchists become state and corporate shills...