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I totally agree here, regardless of where you're from.

There was a seamless continuity from the ID pols of the last few years and the full, sheepish endorsement of Covid measures and their narrative by this very same crowd who's been pushing the latter. They are what Arendt identified as the popular base of a forming totalitarian regime, and also let's not make the mistake of seeing Qanon/MAGA as their (false) opposition; they are completing each other, and giving credibility to their antagonist party.

To me, both are just noise from the internet. They're the products of tech corporate feudalists.

Who's behind it all, what are their motives, is to me the most fascinating question. Yet at the same time, part of this secret is hidden in plain view. The new level of authoritarianism brought by Covid is just what it is... a collapse of democratic liberal institutions, not towards any liberation but the opposite; a retrograde dictatorship supported by global technocratic might. And in the face of it, Qanon have just been the false opposition of useful idiots to it. Hell, they successfully recuperated the cell phone towers attack, and on J6 they just gave a golden opportunity for Democrats to consolidate power over both Houses.

In order to have a sharp anarchist analysis, one's gotta understand how State politics work. How power is built, and how it further expands.