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I find it sad that the gap is far too easily abridged, and that many would-be a anarchists (a contentious word) cross-over into bookchinite, liberal democratic, or garden variety communist territory.
I really wish the that the chasm was as wide as the Grand Canyon, as deep as the Mariana’s Trench, and not simply an inches wide separation that comes with the warning “mind the gap” as the train of progress gets full to the brim with leftist dupes and the shepherds of the herd poking them with a stick to cram as stuff as many as possible and close the door like trains in Tokyo.

Let all pretext and pretense be dropped once and for all: there is no overlap between “us”, no hope for collaboration. Al gore, Mao, Bookchin, Bernie Sanders, Chomsky, Putin, Stalin, Bolsonaro, Hitler, Chancelor Palpatine, Darth Sirius, Mickey Mouse, Coca-Cola, Scooby Doo. No difference.