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Writes Manifesto then gets a taxi to Burgatory for a vegan burger not realizing that can only last one day 1 DAY autonomy, 1 day selfsuffient before starvation sets in.
Humanity isn't gonna stop its spiral down into chaos, so preparing oneself is the logical thing to do as an anarchist. I've stockpiled 890 Kilograms of Navy beans in ketchup which does not require refrigeration which can keep 2 newly married breeding human anarchist specimens alive for 3years and 4 newborns can be born within that period to repopulate the region and keep anarchy going. I can help set up anarchist survival compounds if you like. You must bring only young men and women under 25 years of age. They are seperated and I arrange things. YOU WILL SURVIVE TO REBEL AGAIN. You do not need chickens or gardening just navy beans and ketchup, healthy vegan sustenance dirt cheap.