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Then your standpoint is meaningless.
If you think humanity is not going to go extinct, you're dead wrong. Climate change will kill us, ecological devastation will kill us. Doing something because "there's a solution" is an absolutely terrible take. I'm going to keep doing nothing. I don't care if you think it's pointless.
I'm not "selling an ideology", and I'm not ignorant of the problems any more than you are. Who the fuck are you people to act like you know all, like you know, as a fact, that everything is solvable, that failure, no matter what we do, is avoidable. It's fucking pointless to even push that as an ideology. It won't get us anywhere. It won't get anyone anywhere. To sit there in such optimism, I'd rather fucking live my life.
For what reason do you even remain apolitical at that point? All it can achieve is making you feel great, surely.

if: "I don't care if you think it's pointless."
then: truly, do not care! go take a walk or something.