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Is this a made-up story or something that is actually happening where he lives? Why the fuck does the baker need/want so much firewood? If he isn't pro-ecology, why isn't he using mains electricity or propane for his ovens? Is he really so stupid that he doesn't realise he needs to sustain the trees to keep "harvesting" them? Has anyone fucking explained this to him, or to the equally moronic town council? & why isn't the author spiking the fucking trees?

I seriously hope this is a fucked-up Aesop and not a real situation because these are a seriously dumb bunch of people. BTW this is something called Tragedy of the Commons and it's a neoliberal argument as to why commons/communism/anarchism are all impossible and land has to be privately owned so people have an incentive to look after it. Never mind that people somehow managed to live with commons without destroying them for millennia.

Also this whole article is duty-driven and full of ressentiment. The point of anarchy is *freeing* ourselves from the duties of "society", not multiplying further duties out of hatred for privileged others.

No, loggers aren't given authority by "society", as if nobody can do anything without permission. They're motivated by profit (and often do it even if it's illegal); of course there's no profit motive in a non-capitalist society, DUH.

>I’m haunted by every shitty thing I’ve ever done and I’m sure I’ll do more shitty things yet, despite my best intentions. No one is above making mistakes. Mutual aid is a great thing, but it needs to be earned.

Fucking self-hate and ressentiment. The problem isn't that people are good and this moron is a pessimist. The problem is, how the fuck does he decide what's good or right or "shitty"? No other animal defines itself, individually or as a species, as bad. It does what it does. It doesn't go around thinking, "wow, I'm a shitty cheetah, I only catch deers half the time, I should go to the gym or kill myself or something" or "wow I'm a carnivore, I must be evil". The deers don't sit around going "wow, I'm overconsuming grass" or "we should do something about those evil cheetahs". Living from superego is part of what separates humans from nature. The existential choice to reject desire and identify with superego generates the sense of one's actions as "shitty". The more the superego is listened to, the stricter it becomes.

>People aren't inherently just or unjust. Humanity is not good or bad. Every person is an individual, each with different experiences, motivations, traumas

Yeah, and that's why this kind of big fucking universal moralism people like Ziq hold themselves to is utterly unrealistic and inhuman.

This masochistic process of self-flagellation is harmless enough to the rest of us until he starts projecting it out onto everyone else and engaging in same same flagellation. He doesn't have a rebuttal of anarcho-communism or anything else, he's just projecting his own Mad Max view of human nature onto everyone else.

OK, sick of reading this now. This guy's a typical "woke" moron trying to foist his absolutist morality on everyone.