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I am old. Young anarchist quite depressed in 1989, listening to PE, watching the GDP masters plotting the final death of life. Thought, (like the author hilariously points out several times) "ain't none of these folk gonna stop destroying and developing everything. Putting a money price on every flake of dust." We are centuries past Kropotkin, and the partially sound ideas of his period were before the final extermination wave. I looked for ways to make it. I found several paths. Fukuoka. One Straw Revolution. Vandana Shiva, Navdanya. And Drexler by way of Feynman, nanotechnology. (Which will eliminate all economy and provide material and health freedom or total annihilation of all.). So, boom or bust. but we did not need masters, or ruination, to achieve progress. we do not need masters. What the passionate author does miss is that anarchists do not constitute police forces or store guards, we are all cops, soldiers, lawyers, and judges. There is always individual authority and agency. Anarchists do not train their kids to be servile, just skilled. Quantum computing, for all the destruction of the path to it, is a shot a true material control and advanced nanotech. One mistake, though. Just one.... so.... slim shot. but. we gonna find out real soon (Ray Kurzwiel - Singularity Near)