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and the more I read up on them through the wiki entry does not support the idea that them and boogaloos have underlying historical similarities.

The article itself talked about how the Freikorps changed throughout history. If we are keying in on the WW1 period we are talking about a classic loyalty driven ideological paramilitary group(recall Exit, Voice and Loyalty by Hirschman). The boogs are more of an exit ideology which gives them some commonalities with anarchists who operate on voice and(preferably from my view) exit. If they were similar they would be going after groups like blm not putting a fucking blm shirt on. They're certainly not loyal to the popo. You might be on to something if you were talking about the 3 percenter types or Alex Jonestown tendencies, but these guys really want the Washington thing to fall apart which is fine by me. They have some paramilitary structure though paramilitary militia structure does not mean fascist. They seem more likely to want to team up with the notfuckingarounder types then then nazis from what I have gathered from them.

Yeah, distinctions matter. Pity you didn't make them in regards to your example.