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idk, didn't bob black or

idk, didn't bob black or green anarchy magazine probably write about this in the 90s? wasn't there an article on here about how like, yoga is evil or something???? anarchist critiques are not hard to find, they are mostly what anarchists produce, and they are mostly like shooting fish in a barrel. yes, western civilization in all its various parts is fucked up. we know!

what kind of sparring are you doing? it sounds like you are trying to antagonize people who are "toxically positive", maybe to upset them in order to rupture what you consider to be their facade. ok... i get the impulse but like...y tho? maybe take a page from the book of actual positivity and at least ask yourself, why you want to do that, or whether there are more productive things to do than look for ideas, rhetoric, and symbolic negation that apply to a position you apparently already strongly hold, altho you need help explaining it to the people you want to explain it to. slapping people in the ego and gloating when it works is also basically fish in a barrel. are you going to convince fake hippies to be pissed off anarchists like you? why not just be real ?

i think a more interesting question is how the liberatory possibilities of our human, social, political life - that get encapsulated at times in concepts like "anarchism, communism" etc - could appeal more to the spiritual imagination, the metaphysical side of our nature, and all the things that not only historically but presently for most humans are driven or regulated by some form of religion: community, values, etc, that in the west have largely been ripped loose from their moorings by capitalist modernity and subject to capture by such apparatuses as "new age", "wellness", fundamentalism, fascist mysticism, etc

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