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I was into the discussion about what it means to be an anarchist in a non-anarchist world. I liked what greg said, which I interpreted to mean pushing at the boundaries of non-anarchist activity, to incorporate some humanness into inhuman obligations that we all need to engage in at certain times. At the same time, chisel's pessimistic take, that if we are being paid it cannot be against the system, resonates with me. My question, I guess, is is there an outside to capitalism? Following chisels point to its end, there isn't, which seems to leave us with the position of Nihilist Communism. I mostly agree with this, but do think there are fringes and spaces that point to an outside.

I don't mean this in a dialectical/Marxist sense, in which the contradictions of capital will overcome itself, but I do think the idea of contradictions and living in those contradictions is important for anarchists living in a non-anarchist world. if we are not utopian who believe in the revolution, this seems to be where our anarchism should reside.