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Thinking of a post-capitalist ATR is traditional Marxist, while thinking of an outside of Capitalism is autonomist Marxist. The anarchist perspective I prefer is that of the “anarchist tension” as described by Bonanno and as lived by Novatore for example. I prefer the phrasing as “anarchist tension” rather than “permanent insurrection” since the first phrase is more open to definition while stretching the meaning of insurrection to mean an individual life, while it has been used by many insurrectionists, I find it confuses more than clarifies since most people assume the literal meaning of insurrection, and also it has strugglist connotations.

A life is not a game you win, you get your satisfaction any way you can and you will likely have regrets and disappointments. Being an anarchist is not about making a lasting significant change in the macro order through sheer willpower or pretending you can affect things that are far beyond your control.

To me it’s about how you give sense to your world and your life through an anarchist perspective, critique, and antagonism. The anarchist tension is a how a set of values, ideas, desires that make up your own anarchy figure into a feedback loop that orients your life and you make choices, there are consequences and then you die.