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glass half full: surviving precariousness with dignity through liberating common resources and mutual aid
glass half empty: self-managed bureaucratizing of poverty, using the co-administration limited common resources as a means to exhaust the energy of its administrative human resources
the whole truth: it's both depending on how you look at it.
what else is there? there are worse alternatives. are there better ones? probably this question isn't helpful.
free housing, a community garden to supplement subsistence (while you risk your life going to your menial gigs) can't get any better, living the dream. no, no one is claiming that, this is a grounded (bleak) reality, not a pie in the sky dream, not a beautiful idea. we can't afford delusions in this present dystopia. keep it together, you can make it til august, and then: mission accomplished.
what else can we learn from thriving long-running sustainable living and mutual aid projects? there is much yet to learn from the hard earned wisdom of this collective , regularly shared through their twitter account. students of ZADs, tenants unions, land projects, pay attention.