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"Convinced that love is an immaterial, ineffable, and invisible power, communists, anarchists and so many others have been able to ignore it as a vaporous feeling unfit for militancy!"
like all anarchists are confused about militancy and the relevance of feelings, and to totally ignore emma's comment about dancing which is enough of a refutation all by itself, ffs. not even a "some" to make this sentence even barely bearable. (not to mention militant joyfulness or whatever that book is... one thinks perhaps this author is poking us to get us to pay attention to him. )
some people don't want to pontificate about the significance of feelings, especially ones like love, as an umbrella term that means everything good and nothing, because it's cheap and easy rhetoric. just note che's infamous quotation about the true revolutionary being guided by love. what does authoritarian love get you, hunh? hunh? lol.