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"Convinced that love is an immaterial, ineffable, and invisible power, communists, anarchists and so many others have been able to ignore it as a vaporous feeling unfit for militancy!"

No, you twat, anarchists and so many others (even communists) have given up on militancy as an unfit vaporous expenditure of eros and love.

"It is time for those who aspire to love — which is to say everyone everywhere — to finally see the communism of their aspiration.
Why? Because only by doing so can we understand the relation of love to all of the other relations that govern our lives."

If the desire is to be ungovernable, then it should follow that it would not want to be governed by love either. I don't think most people "aspire" to love, these feelings, actions and relationships happen very instinctively. If people are deprived of love, they're lacking something much more basic and near to them, more real and achievable, than communism. It's a matter of life and death that they have it, regardless of the status quo, mode of production, political order, etc. Many living beings (not just humans, but I can't say all are able to feel these things, maybe limited to certain brains) if they live in neglect and under harsh abuse and torture, they are not philosophizing about concepts like modes of governance and resource allocation, it's a very basal thing to yearn for to be free and be loved, it's the struggle for life, not a convoluted thesis.