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i can't answer any of that

but i will say that when i was a lot younger i had different internal personalities who i played at being, including different walks and character traits, etc. different parts of me/ways of being that were worth naming and considering...
and i definitely do think that we all have multitudes inside us, so psychosis (or w/e label) is a matter of degree not kind (when does kind become a function of degree? gdmt)...
but also that multitudes are not just personalities, but also things like the microbes in our intestines, and the things we breathe out and in... the amorphous line between our bodies and the rest of the world.
we are individuals, but that means some thing really different than how we usually consider it...

re: doing bad--i've been thinking a lot recently about how hard it must be to live with having hurt someone badly by accident. when we do it intentionally there is always some kind of validation that can come into play, but running over someone accidentally, or making a mistake in surgery, or any number of other things that can happen that irretrievably fuck up someone else's life... how hard that must be to live with, and yet also how the idea that we don't bump into people harshly is kind of a bizarre, alienated expectation.

yep, no clarity, just pondering!

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