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Have a group of friends who know this about you. Make a plan for when this happens to you. Tell them you're going to be Not Okay for a while at a certain point in the future and that they need to be prepared for that. Let them know the warning signs.

When you are in a headspace (for me it's suicidal ideation) where you can't, or it's really hard to, make healthy and helpful decisions for yourself, make sure your friends can tell you what to do.

Did you have a bad break-up and it triggered an episode? Make sure that someone is there to tell you "No!" at every step.

"Should I send her this weirdly phrased text?"


"Should I drive by and see if she's with her new boyfriend?"


"Should I lay in bed all day?

"Maybe, but I'll be there with you, watching silly shows and doing my best not to judge. I will take you to get medication, if that's what you want to do. I will drive you to the hospital. I will read and sift through all your communications to the outside world, so you don't start some shit you didn't mean to. I'll let you wax on like an asshole and try not to interrupt. I will try my best to steer you to make better decisions. When I feel like you've got your groove back, the reason we're friends in the first place, I'll relinquish control back to you."

It sucks to hear as an anarchist. but from someone who has needed something like that, someone to hold my hand, I wish more anarchists would be willing to do this for their friends. Less people would get kicked out of the "movement" and we'd prove that anarchy isn't some little kid knee jerk to authority and for autonomy, it's something a little more nuanced than that.

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