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I know that there are all sort of complex problems and that people are really creative and can come up with cultural innovation to deal with them, but a lot of these "frameworks", like pop-psych parenting advice, can have the downside of what I would call "breathing manually". Turning empathy and personal relationships into a triage algorithm, but then again, knowledge that is currently seen as specialized, as is medical knowledge including mental health and first aid, should be more widespread and common knowledge. I guess there must be many people that are so awful at caring for others that they would benefit from a "framework" to tell them what to do in many situations. Maybe all society's problems, specially those of the confines of domesticity, should be dealt with by education, the public school systems giving course with frameworks for each kind of daily interaction: in the house, out and about in town, with all the different kinds of people, other animals and plants, taking into account functional diversity, and all their specific needs and how to care for them, and this would help reduce many kinds of abuse and produce more harmonious and caring relationships. But these skills can get rusty, so continuous learning and remedial workshops at the town hall should be provided, as well as rigorous discussion and shared self-examination in both household meetings and neighborhood assemblies.

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