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Just ignore the trolls. You probably didn't get the support you should have, and needed to keep going. And of course this stuff has to be talked about on a personal level. Complicated question whether this is just free choice on their part, but I don't think it's as simple as, "it's just self-entitlement" (TBH I think we all expect those closest to us to do what they can to us in worst-case scenarios). And if you're a pre-Oedipal personality type, you're looking for your social world to be more like a loving family (perhaps substituting for your real one) and less like a business relationship. I think they are abusing ideas of voluntarism and consent if they're kicking you out for having a mental crisis, being unable to work during the crisis, or being a killjoy... it belongs in roughly the same category with a community kicking out black people and claiming "muh freedom of association". In idpol and managerialism BTW there's a weird double standard, never discriminate based on "disability" which includes "mental illness", but if it's about "your behaviour" then it's OK to discriminate... but of course you've only been classified with a "mental illness" because of "your behaviour", they can't separate the two. And taking someone to the hospital for a psychological crisis is really fucking dangerous, not far from turning them in to the pigs IMO. These two things together... do seem to indicate they aren't reliable friends/accomplices. I've encountered a similar vibe sometimes, the work/feelgood ethos is not helpful when someone's in a real crisis whether it's a psychological crisis or anything else. Actually I think a lot of anarchist types are running on the spot to ward off collapse themselves, and get pretty terrified when it happens to someone else. And it produces a kind of general disposability, which encourages burnout and discourages trust, and raises worries about the viability of anarchy as a way of life if the big institutions weren't there to pick up the pieces. The other possibility is that you needed something they couldn't give. For example, you were hoping for some kind of insight into what you're going through. I think we need an anarchist theory of psychology, we need mutual aid and support networks among those of us who have crises (and others who understand), we could even do with forming therapeutic communities again like Laing in the 70s. We're a very, very long way from the point where we can assume anarchists have anything like a good understanding or, of sympathy for, psychological issues. I don't actuallly know if an anarchist community can provide the "holding" necessary if you're reliving a feeling of infantile abandonment for example, but there needs to be quite a high level of nurturing to come close. In my view, people who have themselves repressed parts of their psyche (and that's a lot of people) often have fear reactions to anything reminding them of the repressed part. And the "forced breathing" metaphor applies to a lot of the ways people live if they've repressed a bunch of stuff and have to compensate for the functions that aren't there.

I agree with several of the other posters BTW... yes, it's good to despecialise "skills", but some of the current psych stuff isn't really "skills" so much as unhelpful routines... and yes, it's certainly good to have conversations about what you'd prefer others to do if certain things happen. I've worked with other people with psychological problems and it helps me a lot if I can reconstruct what might be going on from their point of view and what dynamic is going on. If I talk to someone who's severely depressed after reading the Klein pieces, I start to notice the way the things they're saying echo with the theories, then I can say things which are maybe more helpful, and I can avoid getting affected so much by their despair that I struggle to talk to them.

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