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umm yeah...

Of course anarchists can have kids. I know anarchists with kids, it seems to make living anarchically harder, and there's a load of problems with how not to fuck them up and how not to let the state fuck them up. Quite often people have kids, drop out of the "scene" and go mainstream. Very sad when it happens. I don't think there's anything inevitable about it, it doesn't help that anarchist spaces aren't very child-friendly, or the whole cult of being super-active, though I think mostly these people are the ones who go through an anarchist "phase" and are always getting back in the rat-race sooner or later. ... Overpopulation's the kind of thing that just isn't all that affected by one or two (or even ten) more or less, and we really don't need peer-sourced Chinese population control on top of all the other control society shit. There may well be too many humans ecologically speaking but the amount each person consumes has a lot more impact. Plus the long-range forecasts have population peaking then plummeting to about 1 billion on current trends (virtually all urban-born populations have sub-reproduction birthrates). Population growth is nearly all a question of rural Africa, rural South Asia and rural Middle East and there's a whole range of issues like low life expectancy and lack of healthcare, no recognised women'sr rights, and patriarchal/transactional relationships where men expect sex on demand without condoms. So "no having kids to stop overpopulation" belongs in the same bin with "no going out to stop covid" in my view.

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