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sour (not verified)
I hate to feed this comment cascade but..

Personality-building's not only based on the parents. Developmental psychologists for the most part have done this mistake of overlooking the "schoolyard" as society's embryo, from where many patterns form and are often set to remain.

In my case, I am close to the psychopath's background you're describing. I've learned that being good and nice can be worth it, yet it's not the good people who "win" in society, but the cold-blooded hypocrite gets the upper hand. One who doesn't hesitate to impose himself on others never gets flamed or shamed for it, yet dare being hesitant and you're get all the finger-pointing. They're the chads who get the girls, as the normative women are also programmed to be gong after hawkish, bullish male role models who always do the first steps without showing even a hint of desire.

You learn to be hateful from your milieu hating you, and rooting for the bullies and the manipulators. You quickly learn, around the age of 8, that there's little hope for the good, naive guys in this world, as naiveté is a expensive commodity compared to the mind tricks and bullying going on around. Society is a war from early on in small school. Some of these patterns remain part of people's subconscious as they grow up.

Those here who parent wealthy parents sending them to lovely private schools don't know this. This whole dog-eat-dog aspect of the world is alien to them.

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