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I'm 1000% for transgenerational anarchism

But how about educating the kids that are already there (what Aragorn! and the rest of the Anews gang seem to be about, more than having kids), instead of burdening yourselves with more family duties and legal obligations? The latter looks more like a severe, heavy impedance to your project.

In the current developed Western world, it ends up being a way to throw more kids in the mouth of the beast. Or what are you doing to prevent your kids from getting sucked in on 24/7 TikTok and easier access to digital money subservience? That's at least what's been happening to my buddies young daughters, and I can easily see a new kind of online peep-show prostitution scheme evolving from that. But these parents for a very control-free approach to education! Convenient.

My position is not to "not have kids", at all. It's more like not being chumps and dumbasses assuming that our anarchist genes will be automatically transferred to our kids so they keep pursuing anarchy, like. Education is what it's about, love or hate the Krapotkin and Ferrer, they were in the money about that, at least. But Rousseau above them.

You gotta program your kids to not go with the program. Like use FOSS on them instead of proprietary. "Gotta" because if you just let them do whatever the fuck they want with the tech feudal candy pills, they WILL end up being slaves. But tech is just an example. If they aren't taught to be self-reliant, more generally, they'll just be sheeple or dogs. Then you realize too late that your 18-years project has failed.

What is a better approach: the Amish approach. Educate and groom them with strong discipline in a cult-like setting dominated by anarchistic narrative, when let them loose in society at 18 yrs old. Then open arms if they wanna come back.

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