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There's lots of stuff on how anarchic societies "raise" children, generally it involves meeting their needs unconditionally in the early years, their having a lot of freedom to wander off and play with other kids, and then later accompanying the adults in their "work"/activity and learning this stuff through play-learning or apprenticeship. This site: has lots of summaries of case-studies, I'd also recommend Genge's and Bolin's work on Andean childhoods (Genge is here: and works of Smith and Shunear on traditional Roma ("gypsy") parenting (Shunear here:, also Reich's "Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality" is based on Malinowski's work in the Trobriand Islands. There's people have tried to copy this stuff as attachment/natural parenting and homeschooling, deschooling, unschooling etc... often hard to stick to for various reasons. Mostly to do with modern life being organised around the segregation of children and parents not getting enough support from others. Kids are hard work, they're full of energy and bounce, do their own thing, are hard to reason with, and need a LOT of attention, and this easily drives grown-ups mad... at which point their loss of temper or attempts to control the child get excused as "education" or "discipline". Then there's the threats from pigs, child grabbers ("social services") and the school system wanting to know why your kids aren't signed up. All pretty hard.

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