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I sometimes wonder if you're

I sometimes wonder if you're trolling? or trying to "gotcha" me?

Rural Africa: yes there's a quasi-incel thing going on. African relationship structures have developed a lot of ways and of course aren't homogeneous, but there's a tendency that when export capitalism was introduced, all the modern jobs went to men (because of the colonisers, not existing African values). This criss-crossed with existing patterns of transactional relationships and dowry-like gifting to produce a situation where young men are expected to get rich enough then court a woman using wealth; women worked in the subsistence sector or secondary industries and relied on the man's higher income for extra support. Sexism aside, this works fine as long as there's Fordist jobs or the men control land, but in neoliberalism the work is precarised, there's huge unemployment and some of the jobs are feminised. In some countries the various jobs are strongly gendered and most of the "male" jobs have been destroyed, meaning women are overworked and men are sitting round in bars all day complaining about being unemployed (again a little bit of gender role subversion would go a long way to solving both these problems). Hence a situation where a huge swathe of young men (known as "youth" in Africa even if they're in their 30s or 40s) who can't afford to marry, aren't "real men" until they do, and who often have resentment against women who will "only marry for money". Women, meanwhile, get caught in serial transactional relationships with different men which are often rather dangerous, or go it alone and face stigma (as single women are viewed as dangerous seductresses in some areas). Everyone judges themselves and everyone else for the deviation from "traditional" norms (actually often colonial, religious or idealised innovations) but in reality young people are doing different kinds of relationships. There's anti-sexual guilt from imported western religions as well as an older view that sex shouldn't be pleasurable for either men or women. It's a situation which is ripe for a good dose of Situationism and Reich IMO. An anarchist approach to sexuality would certainly be revolutionary if it took off.

The "overpopulation" problem is a rather different one. The gender dimension is that men expect sex on demand without protection, and women who insist on condoms are viewed as promiscuous (everyone is promiscuous but there's a whole pretence about it). Rural households also prefer to have lots of children because children are extra pairs of hands in household work, the main providers of care for older parents/grandparents and also there's a risk some of them will die (and a gamble that one might go to the city and make their fortune). Women whose lives are limited by patriarchy also tend to value motherhood as one of their few recognised roles. You'd think the "youth" problem would reduce the birthrate but it seems wealthier men will pick up the slack by having mistresses.

New Zealand are letting in small numbers of people from Pacific Island societies under climate refugee visas, about 100 people a year from islands that are literally submerged. Pacific Islanders aren't very happy as they want more secure routes to migration.

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