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"There's anti-sexual guilt

"There's anti-sexual guilt from imported western religions as well as an older view that sex shouldn't be pleasurable for either men or women. It's a situation which is ripe for a good dose of Situationism and Reich IMO. An anarchist approach to sexuality would certainly be revolutionary if it took off."

Yesss! Exactly the reflection where I'm at these days. Yet still, the answers are slow.

We're living in a quasi-puritanical mechanistic anti-sex culture not unlike the one Reich identified as the source of fascism. It's not openly repressive as religious-based cultures, which makes it far more complex to tackle. It's what I'd refer to as the "leggings anti-erotism", where sexual attributes are openly displayed yet desire ain't exactly repressed, but rather silenced, as if it has no place to exist. I still have yet to see any sign of desire among the liberal zoomer psyche, as it seems absent, or just disproportionately unassumed.

I don't know what would make "anarchist sexuality" take off, but I noticed that it's lacking as a subject of discussion on and offline, including on Anews.

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