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wil (not verified)
Helllo @critic, #40 and #45 here, same person who's also not LT

"For one thing, fear, cowardice, apathy and the rest are psychodynamic effects arising from particular conditions; they can't necessarily be overcome through will."

Yes, but my point about will is that (1) it doesn't come from externalities but your inner self, and (2) it is the diving force, or maybe impulse, behind what will push you to overcome things like fear, cowardice or apathy.

Everyone experiences these latter things on a regular basis and can find ways to overcome them. I got obesity issues from being too lazy and eating too much? That can be solved by doing more exercise or physical work outside and drinking a lot of water, and ideally replacing sugars with fats. But adopting these practices as daily habits depends on YOUR WILL, unless you get changed by a new external influence (like the military, or a religious group, etc).

If you wanna stick to psychodynamics it is somewhere between the It and the Ego While it can be corrupted by external influences but that doesn't make it less intrinsic.

Also honest question that's a daily pissue to me... according to you, how can the Superego's despotic rule be broken, at least for some specific aspects, so to bypass some inhibiting effects on the conduct?

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