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Bits, bobs, and terrycloth monkeys

What comes to my mind is that horrendous study of that tortured baby monkey deprived alongside two maniquins. One maniquin was bare and cold metal but *did*provide food through a fixed bottle in the manequin's breast. The other maniquin did not offer any milk, but *was* covered in terrycloth. The baby seemingly prefered to starve with the terrycloth maniquin rather that cling to the maniquin with food. I don't think this rules out the good parent and bad parent dichotomy(?) binary(?) theory of Klein's, but it might confuse the situation. Or no? Just seems to indicate that human connection might be more than caloric support. Who knows, maybe the warmth is somewhere lower on the pyramid of needs... Maslow's heirarchy. Does this animal study (f* science) confuse Klein's theory or merely validate?

My emotion reaction to the bits and bobs theories was one of degredation. Something about the terrycloth story has me doubt it or want it discussed from a different angle. Where is the soul (so to speak?) Or where is the dignity? Idk. Maybe I just need this topic dressed in terrycloth as twisted be the origin.

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