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It is, nonetheless, deeply entrenched in many people's character-structures, and hard to change. It has various origins: channelling of frustration-aggression onto outgroups ("criminals"), fight-flight response triggered by lurid media coverage, sadistic desires which are sublimated by only being taken out vicariously on "criminals", etc. It might also involve a corruption and exploitation on an immense scale of more basic mechanisms of restitution for harm or restoration of an imagined cosmic order (if the world is a balance of elements, and deviance is imbalance, then one rebalances by reversing the imbalance, responding with equal force in the opposite direction); or it may even have started as an attempt to avoid supposed vengeance of angered gods/spirits being taken out on the entire community (since every mishap was blamed on gods/spirits, and the only humanly conceivable reason they'd harm someone is that they're angry about something).

The additional "cringe response" to dissent from the pro-punishment orthodoxy is derived from superego mechanisms designed to check potential opposition. The average normie submitted in childhood and tried to be a "nice" child, and the cost of this is that part of their id is repressed. This part is felt to be evil. This normie will once have had thoughts (as a child) that the whole adult world needs to be destroyed (or somesuch), has internalised a parental-modelled superego which deems such thoughts "unacceptable", and has internalised fear of punishment for having such thoughts. An anarchist's comment opposing pigs or prisons then resonates with this thought they don't allow themselves to have, triggering their superego to attack their ego and id. The ego responds by disidentifying with the thought without even thinking about it (since it's scared of the superego), identifies with the superego, and reacts to the anarchist much as the superego reacts to the repressed thought: outrage, anger, silencing, suppression, etc. (This is, incidentally, exactly the same mechanism which happens in rightist types of crimes such as femicides, racist murders, etc: the only real difference between a punitive bigot and a far-right murderer is that the former vicariously identifies with the state, letting it act out their sadism for them, whereas the latter at least acts in their own right). So all these "nice", "decent", "harmless" people are at the same time both "psychopathic" sadists and nihilistic insurgents, at different levels of their personality.

>There is an art required to administer justice in a harmonious way. I think the penal island where sociopaths are placed and permitted to create their own lifestyle dynamic away from the majority of social orientated folk live. I mean, that's what the totality of human history has been struggling with for millenia, how to live with one another in a respectful manner.
I can't see this society without punishment ever eventuating, sorry.

First off: exiling is not necessarily penal, and I agree that the best way to avoid interpersonal harms is often separation into smaller, more compatible groups, so exiling of people who prefer a more sadistic or predatory way of life to a community of such people makes a lot of sense. Over time, I'd expect them to turn into a bandit-bolo or a cluster of warlike tribes. Personally I'm more worried about sharing a community with authoritarian personalities, punitive bigots and judgemental moralistic normies/idpols/left-authoritarians. In a stateless world I would certainly exile myself from such communities of my own accord.

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