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Their earlier paradigm of "being everywhere" literally became a form of memetic, networked imperialism, that is integrative and brutally collectivistic in nature.

They're literally the Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the Left. The CLASSIC stuff of Cold War anti-commie paranoia. Infinite polycules of soulless college White normies who don't think for themselves but follow a hive mind instead. Apparent absence of feelings (love and pleasure, what is that?) yet thinly-veiled spring-loaded resentment just waiting to splode in the face of those evil Individuals through their kangaroo courts. I wonder if they get royalties out of the whole cancel culture, as they may have invented it..

Another funny I got from the former ZAD: when they sing -in choral of course- they sound like a choir of T-800s! But who knows if they're really Humans? Who knows...

I'm surprised this critique comes from a text on IGD. It's welcome, even tho it doesn't addresses all the problems described down here. I'd sure take the old-school anarcho-left any day against those spooky neo-autonomists if they'd be two opposite doors out of a room (but the Stirner in me is whispering that they may constitute the room as a whole!).

Contrepoints is the same internet 2.0 Vanity Fair horseshit started by the infamous Lundi AM, meaning.. I can't even fucking view their site without the Javasnitches (good!). They might have tried to replace Mtl Counter-Info but it didn't seem to have worked too well... Color me surprised.