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So as some of you know and also despise, I've been in the ZAD NDDL on two rather long occasions and can confirm that everything's being said about the Appelistas is true. I wasn't around during the last wave of eviction where two thugs from the Appeliste gangs beat up a lonely punk from the "East", one of few remaining greener anarchists in the area dominated by communists, but I was totally not surprised when I've read these news.

There's zero, absolutely nothing good getting sucked into this cult, just like any other cult, and it's just too bad that a few who gravitate around Anews are locked on this Ship of Fools (the Commune). Of course as usual they want boring things like dual power for their gang. Yawn. I know, they aren't the worse cult around, and there may be some nice people whose ego still has yet to flourish beyond the Imaginary Party's territorializations; tho as with cults in general they're really just a tighter more intense archipelago of the greater inland empire.

I'm (spiritually) with the A! clan who are rather into getting lazy, "coping" (lol), doing conversations when possible and enjoying the beauties but also the hardships of life. Nietzsche repruhzent, brotha.

"Only good system is a sound system."
- graf found at the Köpi, East Berlin