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"what’s at play here on the ZAD is more nuanced than rupture with Tiqqunists or not. For me, they can be objective allies*, we’re stronger together against our common enemies, diversity of tac-tics, all that. But I don’t think it’s possible to work or ally with any group where their end goals are hidden and they work to increase their power through invisibility and conscious manipulation. Nor with any group whose positions range from disdain to active sabotage to mafia tactics in relationship to anti-authoritarian organizing."

Lookie here? the fucking translator is making a very similar point to my own. This isn't about theory at all in their opinion. Shall I keep reading? YES PLS. Shall I ever be less smug? FUCK NO. EAT MY SHIT. VICTORY LAP. ETC

thx again for digging up source material! really appreciate that