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I read the full article, not just the paragraph before the quote I took, as you seem to have. Before that section, the authors state a "Portland model" of street tactics that concludes with "Not Molotovs". Seems like a reasonable interpretation that they are against molotov use in their context, want to impose that rule within crowds, and are using someone's major fuck-up to justify that (instead of proposing that people practice throwing in a safe environment, for example).

I'm with you on moving away from the abstract use of "they". Tiqqunists literally refer to themselves as a party, though, and my understanding is that at least the scene in France has a hierarchy and what amount to party lines. I think "they" has been used in this thread as a shorthand for "many of the people who identify with tiqqunist ideas", but this set of people can be pretty heterogeneous, with positions that contradict each other, and is made up of unique individuals who should be engaged with as such even if they believe they have put their lives inseparably in common, etc.