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Tiqqun have been published by MIT's Semiotex(e) for years. In France, it's been sold at the FNAC, an equivalent to Barnes & Noble. They are establishment-friendly, mainstream "commies", yet if their written goal by now is just the same-old totalitarian narrative of power accumulation through hegemony and horizontal integration. I ain't sure they're even communist beneath and beyond how they are structured and organize in real life.

This is no weird paranoia. This is what they are. Just avoid them like the rest of the State, do your own anarchy whatever it means to you, and everyone will be fine.

What else exactly do you need in terms of arguments or explanation? Much has been said already in the comments and a lot more in that essay above...

I feel that you may just be trolling people here (no wait!) to extract more energies/infos from us, or perhaps you're also in denial?

You got a specific question?