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"How can we fight to get free but then not just turn around and recreate settler- colonial dynamics? "

what scale are you thinking? if your question is imagining an ATR society-scale freedom, I think there is a too wide (if not impossible) gap between here and there . if the scale is you or I getting free (or at least as close as we can), then it becomes a question of living: decision-making guided by whatever anarchist values inform us.

how are you or I living as colonists? what colony, in the interest of what parent nation? is changing where and how you live settling down, settling in? is migration what makes a settler? I would hope that anyone taking anarchist values seriously would be making decisions that run counter to what are being considered "settler- colonial dynamics." but what are those? I assume they differ from simply obtaining food, water, shelter, social interactivity, and creative endeavors (and protecting the ability to do so) like every other human being on the planet? is the difference being in the service of the colony and upholding its norms? if so, doesn't anarchism/anarchy radically differ by it's very nature, at it's foundation?