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So since politely asking isn't how we do things on @news, I antagonized some generous soul in to this answer. What a lovely moral to that story everybody!

Appelista is a broad characterization of the allegedly shady leftist political activist with connections and middle class roots. A slightly more complicated version of the trust fund anarchist trope. Depending on who you ask, they ARE the state, as well as terrorists according to the state but no matter what, the group think says the cool kids should hate them because DUH, DO YOU EVEN ZAD BRO? FUKIN CLOWN! LEARN WHICH ASSERTIONS TO CHALLENGE, BEECH!

Compared and contrasted with the hobo squatter kids, more lumpen, etc. "Autonomists". All of which is a bunch of boring, ossified european crap about class that I'll go back to not giving 2 shits about, now that I have an answer.

Then we take the two gordian knots of european class antagonism and trying to live as anarchists within settler colonialism ... and tie those two fuckers together because fuck it, why not?! Always new and exciting ways to make ourselves miserable, right?!

cool, cool, I can feel the dread of the next decade or so stretching out before me! good times