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I forgive the Appelista cultists for not just this violence on an isolated anarchist who dared being critical. but also:

- being colonialist totalitarian fucktards in the ZAD, importing their ugly prefab houses and chopping off part of the remaining forest land for no reason, in order to build their camps that look just like labor camps;

- siding with the remaining landlords in some covert schemes for years;

- burning thousands in ACIPA funds for their cars (and what else, I don't wanna know);

- partying wild, packed by the dozens in one of their country house just as a hundred other zadistes were fighting the riot cops near the official town center, and laughing at my face like careless rich kids as I was informing them that they might need support,

- slashing the tires of the few bikes in the zone (...but we burned some of their cars anyways, so that's fine)

- being all around deceptive fucks...

Yes. All these sins I forgive, of course! They don't even to have apologize, much less admit their deeds. It's cheap!