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and some of the ones posted in response to it, is that there's just a ton of terminology and vagaries, i tend to prefer anarchist writing that's more specific, concrete, and creatively uses figurative speech/poetry.

it's being said that the articles are the cops of @news, and there's a little bit of truth to this because the articles set the precedent for talking about them in the comment section. The one above is talking about settlers, land, de-colonial politics, but doesn't really propose doing anything other than changing our word usages regarding land struggles.

"The zine, written within and circulating among social circles dominated by white settlers with varying radical politics..."

so i mean, could we use some quotes to talk about the actual zine? I don't have enough time to analytically investigate every single thing connected to what gets posted on here. What is a "white settler" in today's context? We're clearly not talking about lewis and clark.

and a final bit of deconstruction:

"Indigenous peoples have articulated that “Land Back” will give them the power to rebuild knowledge, languages, culture, and autonomy. This is the substance of decolonization; it is crucial that Indigenous peoples be free to develop and regain their relationships with the land rather than settlers taking it upon ourselves to do it in their stead."

so are you now a representative of indigenous people? You can't do it, you can only represent yourself from where you stand at any given time. I'm really into doing this whole "erase the greedy colonial past" thing, but i somehow don't think what constitutes a white or indigenous person is so clear anymore, i think leaving all of the white people out of the land struggle will just come to bite you in the ass, because not all white people are positioned in the same way within historically white capitalism. I personally think it would have been fine if native americans were able to kill and defeat the settlers several hundred years ago, slowing down the colonial project, but that didn't happen, and native americans aren't the only ones who've suffered from the aftermath.

the roots of genocide are in making bureaucratic categories of corporeal human beings, it's sad to watch anarchist sympathizers engage in this so deeply.