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"But can you turn over a police car by yourself?"

Why the fuck would I wanna do that? Do I look like Hulk to you?
I see you and your buddies larping at the demos with shields, maybe you're playing The Avengers.
Not my style. What's that for? Not trying to get caught. If car is getting flipped, already got neutralized, I'll let others celebrate.
Hope the prisoner support crowdfunding goes well.
Slashing tires, caltrops, molotov, rock, shot, one person can pull off real easy, one-banger. Burn them in car parks at night with simple delayed incendiary devices, not during day at a demo while wearing a shirt you bought at Etsy. Too soon.

"Can you abolish police by yourself?"

Abolishing is what liberals do when they want to change the name of a system of oppression and switch from an obsolete one to a more effective one, like they did with slavery. Abolition will only come by way of giant meteor, until then, there's conflict.
And you're not my friend, buddy, pal. You're a cop, preacher, teacher, school talent show group dance choreographer wannabe politician. Why you so fixated on making me agree? Haven't you got enough followers already? Take the L.